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Do not feed the Buffalo

Vir, Gua, Qui.

So it goes...

Hello! My name is Virginia. :D
I enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga in healthy doses.
Some Fandoms I love or loved: Axis Powers Hetalia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!,
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Kobato, Dragon Ball Z, Card Captor Sakura,
xxxHolic, Kimi ni Todoke, Chii's Sweet Home, and Yandere Kanojo.
I draw, take pictures, write, and sometimes even sing, no matter how limited
my talent in each one is. :) I also have a fondness for plays and musical
theater, which was discovered on a school field trip.



Canada shared his Maple Syrup with me all night long~!♥

Japan shared his Sake with me all night long~!♥

England and I
like to "study" together
in his dorm room。

The Merry Zombie Yamamoto is Mine  

My layout = Fruitstyle designs